We need help to develop the new COVID-19 test!

We need help to develop the new COVID-19 test!

New corona test

We are ready to develop and produce an affordable diagnostic saliva test for COVID-19 infection, which can be performed in about 5 minutes using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer and our free software SpectroWorks™. The final product is intended to be an inexpensive supplement to the core PCR tests and is aimed at rapid and accurate infection detection. The test can be performed in hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes, schools, universities and companies. In addition, the test results are recorded digitally and can subsequently constitute the basic data for geographical infection maps updated in real time.

Scalable solution

The idea of ​​being able to transform ordinary inexpensive analytics equipment to test diagnostically when the needed will make a difference. This is especially true in poor countries, which will soon be hit hard by this pandemic

How can you help?

The team is set to start this week. We hope to raise enough money to start producing 50,000 tests. The plan is to finance the development with a network loan at 8% interest rate p.a. at the online lending platform Lendino. We hope you will support this by an optional amount (minimum 100 DKK) via this link:

Lendino Network Loan – Danish manufacturer develops cheap COVID-19 diagnostic saliva test for the healthcare sector, companies, schools and universities

As a startup, we rely on help to spread our message. Feel free to share the message in your network on LinkedIn and Facebook.