New collaboration with CheckNano on nano safety!

We are excited to now be working with CheckNano. With our nanotechnology and software we expect to deliver a reliable test of nanoparticle size determination – an important step in nanotoxicology studies!

Project CheckNano is going to develop a quick size determination test for nanoparticles, specifically going to be used in nanotoxicology studies. CheckNano will combine competences within many different research fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology, food science and sensor technology to develop this test.
The test is going to uncover whether possibly harmful nanoparticles are present in a particular product. This is important as some nanoparticles can be harmful as they enter the human cell and intoxicate.
The project is going to transfer knowledge between Germany and Denmark and is a part of Interreg Deutschland-Danmark.

Read more about the collaboration in the article below.