Our spectrophotometer database is now online

Our spectrophotometer database is now online

Do you have questions about optical beam height, spectral bandwidth, scanning speed, accuracy and reproducibility for your UV-Vis instrument?

We have created a database containing specifications on UV-Vis spectrophotometers for public use. It includes information on name, brand, type, light beam height z in the optcial path (8.5/15/20 mm), wavelength interval, spectral bandwidth, wavelength accuracy and reproducibility, maximum scanning speed, connectivity interface and compatibility with the NanoCuvette™-series. The information is continuously updated.

You can find our public database for SpectroWorks™ full of specifications on spectrophotometers here.

Our public database contains specifications on UV-Vis spectrophotometers from more than 75 different UV-Vis brands. You can also check out whether your spectrophotometer can be instantly upgraded to do state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and diagnostics testing with our cuvettes and software.

Currently, 75 UV-Vis brands are mentioned, including ACTTR, Agilent, Amersham, Aminco, Analytik Jena, Aqualabo, Aqualytic, Aurora Biomed, Auxilab, Avans, Azzota, Barnstead Turner, Beckman Coulter, Biochrom, Bio-Rad, BMG Lab Tech, Boeco, Cecil, Daigger, DeNovix, DLAB Scientific, Dynamica, E-Chrom Tech, Ecroskhim, Edinburgh Instruments, EMCLAB Instruments, Eppendorf, Faithful, Femto, GBC Scientific Equipment, Hanon Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Jasco, Jenway, Labman Scientific Instruments, Labomed, Labtron, LLG-Labware, Lovibond, M&A Instruments, Mapada Instruments, Metash Instrument, Metertech, Mettler Toledo, Mikrolab, Molecular Devices, Ocean Insight, Onda, PerkinElmer, Persee, PG Instruments, Pharma Test, Pharmacia, RIGOL Technologies, Safas, Sarspec, Sartorius, Scinco, Shimadzu, Spectronic, Spectroquant, Thermo Scientific, Transasia, Uniequip, Unico, U-Therm International, UVIKON, Varian, VWR (Avantor), Walden, Xylem Analytics, Yoke Instrument and Zuzi. You can find it here:

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