April 14, 2017

NanoCuvette™ One

More than just a cuvette

The NanoCuvette™ One is more than just a cuvette. It allows the user to reliably measure refractive index without the usual problems of calibrating and cleaning the refractometer. Comparing to a dedicated refractometer, the measurement can now be done fast and accurate in a standard spectrophotometer. Furthermore, the combination of relative absorbance spectroscopy and absolute refractive index provides both specificity and sensitivity at the same time. For example, this combination circumvents the need of standard curves for concentration determination of known substances. It has never been easier. Just put the NanoCuvette™ in your UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and the software takes care of the rest.

All products in the NanoCuvette™-series are precalibrated – no expensive calibration liquids required. The NanoCuvette™ is developed together with Hounisen Laboratorieudstyr, see http://www.hounisen.com.



  • Combined UV-Vis absorbance and refractive index
  • Single wavelength refractive index at 589 nm
  • Equivalent to digital refractometers
  • UV-Vis absorbance down to 300 nm
  • User-friendly software
  • Made in Denmark

See it in action:

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The NanoCuvette™ One can be ordered now at Hounisen Laboratorieudstyr.

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