Protocols and methods

Here you can find measurement protocols and data processing methods for NanoCuvette™, SpectroLink™ and SpectroWorks™.

To calculate the refractive index with the NanoCuvette™ One it is required to obtain three spectra using a conventional spectrophotometer:

  1. A reference spectrum through the optical filter using a reference liquid (usually water).
  2. A sample spectrum through the optical filter.
  3. A sample spectrum through the clear side of the NanoCuvette™ One (not through the optical filter).

The three spectra must be obtained using the same NanoCuvette™ One and uploaded to the free online software on our website to calculate the refractive index of the sample. Follow the user guide to get the details for each step.

The free software presents the refractive index and absorbance results as a complete lab report, where the user can add their own notes, sample parameters etc. The analysis can easily be accessed later through the online user profile. The lab report, figures and data can be exported and printed.

NanoCuvette™ One with SpectroWorks™ 1.0

1. Start by creating a new project.

2. Create a measurement flow.

3. Use a reference for instrument calibration.

4. Measure sample by 2 mL or 0.5 μL method.

5. View the results and document your work.