February 9, 2018


The SpectroWorks™ online software will guide you step by step. Get started at:


Get started


  • Automated spectrum analysis by comparing measurements to our database with millions of calibration points
  • 10 GB cloud data storage per user allowing for thousands of measurements
  • Results and graphs exportable for presentations and further analysis
  • High security in compliance with modern web standards
  • Updated continuously free of charge
  • Accessible anywhere and ready to use
  • No installation besides a web browser*
  • Made in Denmark

Test SpectroWorks™ now

Use the following data to familiarize yourself with SpectroWorks™. You can try it with different spectrum files in .spc, .txt or .csv formats. Use the box code “TESTER” and cuvette no. “01”, “02” and “03”:

Cuvette ID Spectrophotometer File format Sample Download
TESTER-01 Shimadzu UV-1800 Shimadzu SPC (.spc) Honey Download “honey.zip”
TESTER-02 OceanOptics USB650UV Text file (.txt) Brilliant Blue 25% Download “brilliant_blue.zip”
TESTER-03 Shimadzu UV-1800 Comma-separated values (.csv) Starch in saliva Download “starch_saliva.zip”

* currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Feedback and bug reports are welcome at support@cphnano.com.