February 9, 2018


The NanoCuvette™ online software will guide you step by step. Get started at:



  • Automated spectrum analysis by comparing measurements to our database with millions of calibration points
  • 10 GB cloud data storage per user allowing for thousands of measurements
  • Results and graphs exportable for presentations and further analysis
  • High security in compliance with modern web standards
  • Updated continuously free of charge
  • Accessible anywhere and ready to use
  • No installation besides a web browser*
  • Made in Denmark



Try now for free

You can try the software with different spectrum files in .spc, .txt or .csv formats. Use the box code “TESTER” and cuvette no. “01”, “02” and “03”:

Cuvette ID Spectrophotometer File format Sample Download
TESTER-01 Shimadzu UV-1800 Shimadzu SPC (.spc) Honey Download “honey.zip”
TESTER-02 OceanOptics USB650UV Text file (.txt) Brilliant Blue 25% Download “brilliant_blue.zip”
TESTER-03 Shimadzu UV-1800 Comma-separated values (.csv) Starch in saliva Download “starch_saliva.zip”


*Beta-version, currently optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. Feedback and bug reports are welcome at support@cphnano.com.