Increase repeatability


SpectroShell™ is an exoskeleton designed for your Ocean Insight spectrophotometer that improves repeatability and precision. Read about it here.

Many organisations depend on a spectrophotometer for research, quality control or educational purposes. However, inexpensive instruments can vary in repeatability, leading to unusable results and time wasted.

Introducing SpectroShell™

SpectroShell™ is an exoskeleton designed for Ocean Insight spectrophotometers that improves repeatability and precision without upgrading instrumentation.

Using gravity, simple cuvette holders are now just as precise as those with mechanical springs.

700% improvement

  • Increases the repeatability of your results with up to 700% (depending on conditions).

Ocean compatible

  • All standard Ocean Insight UV-VIS spectrophtometers supported out of the box.

No upgrade needed

  • No instrument upgrade needed. It just works instantly with no hidden costs.

Designed for work

  • Stable, easy to use, protects from spills and integrates directly with SpectroLink™.

With the reliability of SpectroShell™, you maintain the freedom of a compact affordable instrument for field trips or customer visits without compromising quality.


Designed for the best possible performance, the double tilted plane in the SpectroShell™ construction makes the cuvette slide into place every time.

Double tilted plane

  • With the double tilted plane, the cuvette automatically slides into position.

Functional design

  • A clean black and white design with guiding symbols makes it easy to use.

Vibration proof

  • Rubber dampers and increased mass provide resilience against vibrations.

Made in Denmark

  • Danish design manufactured under the highest quality standards.

Available in stealth black or stylish white, it is the simple solution for your instrument enabling repeatable and precise results.

Stealth black

Stylish white

Ideal for smaller labs and education, SpectroShell™ upgrades inexpensive Ocean Insight spectrophotometers to rival that of much more costly high-end spectrophotometers.

Increase repeatability. Available now at 799 €.