April 14, 2017


Nanotechnology mass-produced in plastics

Nanotechnology has been used in the semiconductor industry for decades. The benefits of using nanotechnology for quality control rather than conventional technologies are immense, but unexploited today.

We take nanotechnology from exotic materials and complicated laboratory processes to industrial scalable solutions in plastics, which lowers the cost by orders of magnitude and enables mass-market adaptation. We see great potential and disruptive business opportunities across multiple industries when plastic surfaces become functional and digital.

Developed and produced in Denmark

For original cphnano-products, we develop our own unique technology stack down to mechanical components and electronic circuits based on first principles analysis. This deep and hard-earned control of hardware and sensors allow us to develop optimal industrial processes and equipment controlled by automation software which ensures complete control of the manufactering process on the nanoscale. By keeping our production in-house we ensure that our products maintain the highest quality and purity at all times.


External R&D projects

Copenhagen Nanosystems is involved in external R&D projects from quick testing to full-scale Horizon 2020 projects. Depending on the bussiness potential and the alignment with the strategic vision of the company, we either take on a leading role from acquiring funding to execution, or more simply we provide technology development and expertise as a technical partner. Contact us today at info@cphnano.com to engage in a dialog regarding your next R&D project.