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Unlock Particle Analysis with NanoCuvette™ S

Upgrade your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer with add-ons. From €2/sample.


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NanoCuvette™ S

NanoCuvette™ S delivers reliable particle size analysis and concentration determination at low cost using existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Plastic Nanoparticles · Microparticles · Biological Cells · Carbon-Based Microparticles · Titanium Dioxide · Polystyrene Beads · Colloids · Lipids · Micronized Powders · Globules

NanoCuvette™ One

NanoCuvette™ One enables refractive index and protein concentrations from mL to microvolume samples at low cost using existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Micro Volume · Proteins · Enzymes · Chemical Concentrations · Colorless Reactions · Food Quality · Molecular Imprinted Polymers · Sucrose

Prolong Lifespan with SpectroLink™

SpectroLink™ prolongs the lifespan of existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers thereby reducing pollution, cost and downtime of procuring new equipment.


How It Works

Particle analysis and more with your existing UV-Vis instrument

Traditionally, spectrophotometry laboratory work has been limited by the instrumentation.

Instead Smart NanoCuvette™ consumables now enable you to upgrade your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer to do particle size analysis and much more starting from around €2 per sample.

The new capabilities of existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer are possible due to our unique patented photonic chip nanotechnology, factory calibrations and computer simulations in our cloud software integrated into a powerful package.

These advancements address the inherent limitations of traditional spectrophotometry, providing increased versatility, improved precision, and cost-effectiveness.


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Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Save on  Equipment

Analyze your samples without the need for new equipment. Our products integrate with existing instruments offering cutting-edge technology without the hefty price tag.

Get Trusted Results

Do not just take our word for it. Researchers, industry professionals, and educators have shared their positive experiences with our products, highlighting our commitment to user satisfaction.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

By leveraging photonic chip nanotechnology and optical computer simulations, we ensure you are always equipped with the latest in analytical laboratory advancements.

What We Do

Experts in UV-Vis and particle analysis working for you.

At the heart of our offerings from Copenhagen Nanosystems are solutions designed with the user in mind.

With our next-generation UV-Vis spectroscopy products, such as NanoCuvette™ One, NanoCuvette™ S, and SpectroLink™, you can unlock enhanced capabilities from your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Our patented technology, combined with the power of our cloud software, SpectroWorks™, enables you to seamlessly perform tasks like particle size analysis and more.

Do you have a UV-Vis spectrophotometer? Then book a call to hear more or buy our affordable cuvettes today.


Hear What Others Say


"Overall it is an innovative approach and simplification for UV-VIS spectroscopy.  Perfect for low volume samples and particle sizing, rapidly overcoming many digitalization and data storing issues. It perfectly fits our research activities, simultaneously serving as an educational kit in several courses."

Jacek Fiutowski, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

"I am impressed how this plug and play solution improves the user friendliness of spectrometers. In addition, I appreciate the excellent customer service provided and their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, including prompt responses to queries and concerns. I highly recommend their products to anyone who is looking to upgrade their UV-Vis spectrophotometer."

Jonas Hoff Barnkob
WaterCare Guard

"The interesting thing is that the new technology is in the sample holder and not in the instrument itself. Thus, existing older measuring equipment may continue to benefit in schools’ chemistry and physics education. The data collection takes place digitally with many possibilities for subsequent data processing and data management."

Martin E. Vigild, PhD
Assessor, Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, past President of the European Society for Engineering Education
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Powerful web-based UV-Vis analysis software


Drag-and-drop easy to use on all devices.

SpectroWorks™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results.

SpectroWorks™ automatically analyses the spectrum. This digital approach not only enhances the user experience but also ensures accuracy by automatically correcting for optical path and cuvette misalignments. All this while giving back the results based on 200 million calibration points in no time.

NanoCuvette™ Series and SpectroLink™ analysis included.


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