LAB 4.0 for UV-Vis

Give new life to your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer with NanoCuvettes™ and user-friendly software.

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Spectrophotometers are basic instruments in laboratories with over 1 million units worldwide performing simple routine analysis every day. Based on this existing platform, our mission is to enable as many devices as possible to do state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and diagnostics testing.
Traditionally, spectrophotometers have been used to measure color intensity by absorbance or fluorescence at a fixed wavelength. With our cuvettes and software, a new type of optical filter is inserted into the light beam and the spectrophotometer now measures a wavelength color shift at fixed intensity that is proportional to the analyte concentration or sample change in the cuvette.

Why do we upgrade UV-Vis spectrophotometry for LAB 4.0?

Traditional workflow
Our smart WORKFLOW

Traditionally, spectrophotometry laboratory work has been limited by:

  1. Sample. Large sample volumes of e.g. expensive proteins.
  2. Data. Slow acquirement and transfer of spectral data leading to single wavelength measurements.
  3. Results. Lack of robust methods to determine concentrations uniformly across samples where extinction coefficients vary.

Instead, you can now improve tedious workflows in a single step:

  1. New science with the NanoCuvette™ Series. New patented advanced cuvettes for protein, enzymes, cell and particles.
  2. Faster data and control via tablet with SpectroLink™. Digitally acquire and transfer spectra from the instrument to the cloud with one click.
  3. Better results with SpectroWorks™. Automatically perform advanced self-calibrating calculations and get better performance.

Introducing our cuvettes and upgrades

Our affordable cuvettes and upgrades use nanotechnology and cloud services to turn any spectrophotometer you already have into a much more capable and flexible device. For example, here are a few new things your spectrophotometer can do instantly after you start using our cuvettes:

This is possible due to our unique patented NanoCuvette™ One.

How do we digitize your analytical process?

Our cuvettes enable you to use your spectrophotometer for completely new methods. By using our software platform you can seamlessly work with the results of your upgraded analysis. Our software platform SpectroWorks™ enables you to easily and instantly import results, perform calibrated spectrum analysis in seconds, store and access your work safely, and export results at any time.

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