Instantly upgrade and digitize any UV-Vis spectrophotometer

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Our platform?


Our affordable cuvettes use nanotechnology to turn any spectrophotometer you already have into a much more capable and flexible device. For example, here are a few things your spectrophotometer can do instantly after you start using our cuvettes:

  • you can now use dramatically lower sample volumes (down to 500 nL)
  • you can now measure label-free kinetics
  • you can now measure label-free protein concentrations
  • you can now do quality control of products and liquids



    How do we digitize your analytical process?


    Our cuvettes enable you to use your spectrophotometer for completely new methods. By using our software platform you can seamlessly work with the results of your upgraded analysis. Our software platform enables you to do 4 things:

    1. Easily and instantly import results to our cloud software.
    2. Perform calibrated spectrum analysis in seconds.
    3. Store and access your analysis safely in our cloud solution.
    4. Easily export analysis at any time in all standard formats.



    What kind of labs use our technology?


    – bio-tech companies
    – fermentation companies
    – high school labs
    – university labs




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    Made in Denmark

    We believe that laboratory analysis should be a simple and accessible global commodity for everyone. Founded in 2015, cphnano is a Danish Labtech company that develops next-generation laboratory analysis and diagnostics. With customers in the global life sciences, advanced technologies and research industries, we expand the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment by nanotechnology and provide automatic data analysis in the cloud - leading to faster and more reliable results without upfront investments.

    • Spectrophotometer

      Only instrument and internet connection required.

    • Multi-parameter

      New multi-parameter analysis by cutting-edge nanotechnology.

    • Digital workflow

      User-friendly software extracting all information automatically.

    • Integrated solution

      Labware and data as integrated solution ready for use.