Digital label-free spectrophotometry for laboratory analysis and diagnostics

Why digital label-free laboratory analysis and diagnostics?
1. Quantification
1. Quantification
Challenged by a complex sample analysis?
Do you have all the parameters and analytical information you need?

– UV-VIS Absorbance?
– Refractive Index?
– Scattering?
– Concentrations?
– Triple determinations?
2. Instrumentation
2. Instrumentation
Limited by equipment or availability?
Is your instrument ready and calibrated when you need it?

– Small Volume?
– Spectrophotometer?
– Refractometer?
– DLS?
3. Documentation
3. Documentation
Frustrated with non-digital workflows?
Are you working with pen and paper or typing into spreadsheets?

– ELN?
– Excel?
4. Experimentation
4. Experimentation
Ready to start working agile in the lab?
Do you want to be more creative in the lab?

– Testing new compounds in small volumes?
– New Kinetics?
– Wasting wells in microplates?
What can I buy to get started?


Cloud Platform


  • Automated spectrum analysis
  • < 5.0 s analysis time per sample
  • Digital lab notebook system
  • Results and graphs for presentation
  • No installation required
  • No upfront cost or subscription
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NanoCuvette™ One

More than just a cuvette


/ 10 PCS
  • 0.5 µL droplet measurements
  • Label-free protein concentrations
  • Label-free enzyme kinetics
  • User-friendly quality control
  • Surface refractive index 1.0 - 1.6 nD
  • UV-Vis absorbance down to 300 nm
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NanoCuvette™ S

Advanced Light Scattering


/ 10 PCS
  • Includes all NanoCuvette™ One features
  • + Angle-resolved light scattering
  • + Biological cell concentrations
  • + Particle size determination
  • + Turbidity determination
  • + Impurity quality control


Spectrometer Exoskeleton


  • Allround quality control station
  • Improved measurement quality
  • User-friendly operation
  • Protects from spills
  • Ideal for limited budget
  • Bundle includes NanoCuvette™ One
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SpectroBundle™ Basis

Turnkey Solution


  • Diode array spectrophotometer
  • NanoCuvette™ One box
  • SpectroShell™ QC station
  • 2 hour setup visit on site
  • 5 years of SpectroLink™ (exp. 2020)
  • Ideal for limited budget
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SpectroBundle™ Premium

Turnkey solution


/ bundle
  • High-end scanning spectrophotometer
  • 5 NanoCuvette™ One boxes
  • 12 hours of setup and follow-up visits
  • Unlimited SpectroWorks™ support
  • 5 years of SpectroLink™ (exp. 2020)
  • Ideal for advanced laboratories
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Do other professionals think this is a good idea?
What are the benefits compared to existing solutions?
Fits your instrument

Spectrophotometers with 8.5/15.0 mm beam heights can be used.

Minimum Cleaning

Sample in contact with disposable plastic container, not the instrument.

Minimum calibration

No expensive calibration liquids or buffers with limited life-time.

Drag & Drop Results

Analysis and data management made simple by cloud software.

What are the latest developments and news?
Can I read more about your offerings?
Made in Denmark

We believe that laboratory analysis should be a simple and accessible global commodity for everyone. Founded in 2015, cphnano is a Danish Labtech company that develops next-generation laboratory analysis and diagnostics. We expand the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment by nanotechnology and provide automatic data analysis in the cloud - leading to faster and more reliable results without upfront investments.

  • Spectrophotometer

    Only instrument and internet connection required.

  • Multi-parameter

    New multi-parameter analysis by cutting-edge nanotechnology.

  • Digital workflow

    User-friendly software extracting all information automatically.

  • Integrated solution

    Labware and data as integrated solution ready for use.