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Rethink your spectrophotometer

NanoCuvette™ One

UV-Vis Abs • RI


  • Surface refractive index 1.0 - 2.0 nD
  • UV-Vis absorbance down to 300 nm
  • Label-free enzyme kinetics
  • Label-free protein concentrations
  • Label-free DNA concentrations
  • 0.5 µL droplet measurements
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NanoCuvette™ S

UV-Vis Abs • RI • Scattering


  • Includes all NanoCuvette™ One features
  • + Angle-resolved light scattering
  • + Biological cell concentrations
  • + Particle size determination
  • + Turbidity determination
  • + Impurity quality control
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Analysis Software


  • Automated spectrum analysis
  • 10 GB cloud data storage
  • Results and graphs for presentation
  • High security
  • No installation required
  • No upfront cost or subscription
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Simplifying lab analysis

Fits your instrument

Compatible with 12.5 x 12.5 mm holders and all 8.5-15.0 mm beam heights.

Minimum Cleaning

Sample in contact with disposable plastic container, not the instrument.

Minimum calibration

No expensive calibration liquids or buffers with limited life-time.

Drag & Drop Results

Analysis and data management made simple by cloud software.


About us

Powered by nanotechnology, born in the digital age
Faster and more accurate results

We believe that laboratory analysis should be simple and accessible for everyone. Founded in 2015, Copenhagen Nanosystems is a Danish high-tech company that develops next-generation digital plastic products to deliver a full analysis and quality control B2B service. We expand the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment by developing plastic labware with nanotechnology and analyzing data in the cloud - leading to faster and more accurate results while lowering upfront investments.

  • Integrated solution

    Labware and data as integrated solution ready for use.

  • Multi-parameter

    New multi-parameter analysis by cutting-edge nanotechnology.

  • Simplified work-flows

    User-friendly software extracting all information automatically.