UV-Vis Instruments often have excellent optics, but lack modern software and connectivity.

Spectrophotometers are important instruments in laboratories. However, acquisition, storage and sharing of UV-Vis data can be a tedious manual task which takes up valuable time and results are often of poor quality due to outdated electronics and software.

SpectroLink™ upgrades your UV-Vis instrument with modern electronics and software. It allows you to control your UV-Vis instrument eliminating the need for outdated software, thermo printers or USB drives. SpectroLink™ simply takes over so you can achieve reliable high-quality insights easier and faster.


SpectroLink™ Upgrades Your UV-Vis Instrument

Increased Spectral Resolution

Spectra of empty NanoCuvette™ One recorded on the Shimadzu UV-1900 using SpectroLink™ compared with the best built-in settings. In this case, 10x better resolution is achieved.

Reduced Quantization Noise

Spectra of empty NanoCuvette™ One recorded on the VWR UV-6300PC using SpectroLink™ compared with the best built-in settings. In this case, SpectroLink™ capture shows no visible quantization noise.

Focus on the Science

The current industry standard approach to read data from a UV-Vis spectrophotometer is to print the data, transfer it with a USB-drive or read off a number at a time directly from the display or thermo printer. This mean datasets are often only single or limited wavelengths - not digital and real-time - making it extremely hard to do both quick and sophisticated analysis.

SpectroLink™ goes beyond the manual middlesteps by providing direct control to your UV-Vis instrument for acquiring, analyzing and extracting the results via our user-centered cloud software, SpectroWorks™. 




"I am impressed how this plug and play solution improves the user friendliness of spectrometers. In addition, I appreciate the excellent customer service provided and their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, including prompt responses to queries and concerns. I highly recommend their products to anyone who is looking to upgrade their UV-Vis spectrophotometer."

Jonas Hoff Barnkob
WaterCare Guard

Setup SpectroLink™ in Four Easy Steps


Power up Your SpectroLink™

  1. With the included power adapter and USB cable, connect the USB-A end of the cable to the power adapter.
  2. Plug in the power adapter to a power outlet.
  3. Connect the USB-C end of the cable to the socket of your SpectroLink™. 



Setup Connection via Ethernet or WiFi

Please follow our instructions for setting up connection via ethernet or WiFi in the User manual



Connect to Your UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

  1. Connect the USB cable to the USB-A socket on your SpectroLink™ and the other end to the USB socket of your spectrophotometer.
  2. Power on your spectrophotometer.


Start Controlling Your UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in SpectroWorks™

Now you can access our online software SpectroWorks.com to start measuring, analyzing and reporting results.

Always Updated and Secure

SpectroLink™ will always stay up to date with the latest software features. We have build-in support for over-the-air updates while staying as secure as ever. 

Save Hours in the Lab

Traditional Paper Workflow


It is common to see thermo printers, unsafe abundance of USB-drives and proprietary, platform dependent software, which is often left unmaintained. Acquiring, analyzing and reporting is often also time-consuming this way.

Smart Connectivity with SpectroLink™


SpectroLink™ is the most direct way to control, acquire and analyze results instantly without manually moving data between an UV-instrument and a computer.

Data is directly saved and analyzed via SpectroWorks™ on your web-browser. It's safer for your data and it's retrievable from anywhere with a web-browser supported device

Supercharge Your UV-Vis Work

Key Uses

  • Prolong the lifespan of existing spectrophotometers and save cost and lead time of procuring new equipment.

  • Improve absorbance resolution by reducing quantization noise in existing spectrophotometers.

  • Improve productivity with faster workflow from acquiring data to extracting results and insights.

  • Control your instrument and acquire data via WiFi and ethernet on any web-browser compatible device and access your data from anywhere.

  • Easily manage a fleet of UV-Vis instruments across multiple sites and quickly change between UV-Vis instruments in validation studies.


Smart Connectivity has many benefits

Benefits and Features


SpectroLink™  prolongs the lifespan of existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers thereby saving cost and lead time of procuring new equipment.


SpectroLink™ lets you focus on the science instead of the instrument and supports major UV-Vis spectrophotometer brands out of the box. 


SpectroLink™  improves spectral resolution and bit depth, thereby decreasing quantization noise for existing UV-Vis instruments.


SpectroLink™ is designed for humans, easy to use and compatible with multiple users and team collaborations.


SpectroLink™ allows you to connect with your instrument and use automatic data analysis to save hours daily.


SpectroLink™ handles all data confidentially via proven and reliable security protocols. No risk of USB flash drives infecting machines with malware.

Upgrade Your Old UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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