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Next-generation UV-Vis spectroscopy


We make particle analysis accessible with our patented spectroscopy solutions.


What we do

Experts in UV-Vis and particle analysis delivering easy end-to-end solutions for your lab-work.

Copenhagen Nanosystems A/S (cphnano.com) was founded in December 2015 by a team of engineers as a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark. The core technology consisting of the optical photonic crystal filter technology and software is a result of 10 years of research and development, which has since been commercialized in +20 markets.

Today we work with upgrading UV-Vis spectrophotometry across all brands to be at the forefront for the Smart Lab of the Future and Industry 4.0. We bring optical modelling to the cloud to increase flexibility and convenience of managing chemical and biological analysis through IoT connectivity and ground-breaking nanotechnology for particle analysis applications.

Our products only require a conventional UV-Vis spectrophotometer, which makes it incredibly easy for users to enjoy an integrated and seamless digital


Today we support +450 UV-Vis models from more than 75 brands

Supporting All Major UV-Vis Spectrophotometers*


*Including UV-Vis instruments from the brands ACTTR, Agilent, Amersham, Aminco, Analytik Jena, Aqualabo, Aqualytic, Aurora Biomed, Auxilab, Avans, Azzota, Barnstead Turner, Beckman Coulter, Biochrom, Bio-Rad, BMG Lab Tech, Boeco, Cecil, Daigger, DeNovix, DLAB, Dynamica, E-Chrom Tech, Ecroskhim, Edinburgh Instruments, EMCLAB Instruments, Eppendorf, Faithful, Femto, GBC, Hanon Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Jasco, Jenway, Labman, Labomed, Labtron, LLG-Labware, Lovibond, M&A Instruments, Mapada Instruments, Metash, Metertech, Mettler Toledo, Mikrolab, Molecular Devices, Ocean Insight, Onda, PerkinElmer, Persee, PG Instruments, Pharma Test, Pharmacia, RIGOL Technologies, Safas, Sarspec, Sartorius, Scinco, Shimadzu, Spectronic, Spectroquant, Thermo Scientific, Transasia, Uniequip, Unico, U-Therm International, UVIKON, Varian, VWR (Avantor), Walden, Xylem, Yoke, Zuzi and many more.


We upgrade UV-Vis spectrophotometers for better, cheaper and faster measurements to achieve a healthier, greener, and safer world.


Making next-generation UV-Vis spectroscopy accessible to everyone for any measurement environment.



  • Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.
  • Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership.
  • Provide our investors long-term returns through sustainable, global growth.
  • Earn the admiration and trust of all those associated with us worldwide.

Who we are


Emil Højlund-Nielsen, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Emil has experience in leading a team from startup to industrial scale-up, managing business development (from idea to customers in +25 countries), nanotechnology commercialisation (6 patents), cloud AWS development (+20.000 code lines), research (H-index 7 and +700 citations from peer-reviewed articles) and FP7/Eureka project management on European level (+2 M-EUR).


Thomas Tølbøl Sørensen

Product Architect


Thomas leads our engineering teams to develop great products. He has been one of the core team-members since the early days of cphnano. With his wide range of experience, spanning from software development and cloud computing to optical simulations and hardware design, he bridges the gap between what happens on our production floor and what the end-customer experiences when they use our products.


Hans Arnbjerg

Chairman of the Board

With 25 years of experience from companies such as Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk, GENMAB and Missionpharma, Hans Arnbjerg joins cphnano as working chairman of the board. Hans Arnbjerg is today an independent consultant, investor and professional board member across several companies and has a strong background within Life Science, PMO and coaching around the management team. Hans Arnbjerg is an investor in the company.


Michael Lindegaard

Board Member

Michael Lindegaard is currently CFO of Heliac A/S and has a financial profile with many years of experience from companies like Stiga, Wallmans, Alimak Group. Michael's competencies lie within the financial setup, funding, and strategic management of companies. Michael Lindegaard is an investor in the company.

Steen Feldskov

Steen Feldskov

Board Member

Steen Feldskov has a commercial profile with many years of industry experience from, among others, Philips, Hamamatsu, Nilfisk and Radiometer. Steen thereby has many years of experience at director level in building B2B sales channels, marketing and sales organizations. The competencies lie within general management, sales and marketing on the market for spectrophotometers and associated components, especially in Europe, the USA and Asia. Steen Feldskov is an investor in the company.


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