April 14, 2017


We believe that laboratory analysis should be simple and accessible for everyone.

Founded in 2015, Copenhagen Nanosystems is a Danish high-tech company that expands the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment by developing novel plastic labware with nanotechnology and providing advanced data analysis on our SaaS platform in the cloud.

Our innovative and patented NanoCuvette™-series is in stark contrast to the current paradigm of the analytical industry, which is centered on instrumentation and optimizing equipment procedures.

Instead, we develop new solutions for education, academia and industry similar to the modern usage of plastic disposables in hospitals and medical clinics, where trusted measurements can be made by everybody, everywhere.

With no upfront investment in equipment, this will lower the entry-barrier for small businesses and researchers allowing them to contend on fair terms in today’s globalized competition.





Company Information

  • Copenhagen Nanosystems ApS
  • Diplomvej 381, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
  • info@cphnano.com
  • +45 36992746
  • invoice@cphnano.com
  • IBAN DK1430000011794742
  • Bank 3409 11794742
  • VAT DK-37293903
  • CVR 37293903

Contact our sales representatives today at sales@cphnano.com or our friendly customer support at support@cphnano.com.