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SpectroWorks™ 1.0

The online platform SpectroWorks™ is the modern approach to spectrophotometry and label-free analysis.

Our cuvettes enable you to use your spectrophotometer for completely new methods. With SpectroWorks™, you can seamlessly work with the results of your upgraded analysis and compute results not previously available by absorbance spectroscopy. Data analysis has never been easier.
After 3+ years of development, we are proud to launch SpectroWorks™ 1.0 – the first online cloud service for UV-Vis spectrum analysis. SpectroWorks™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results.
SpectroWorks™ automatically analyses the spectrum, corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points, and gives back the result to the user – all in less than 5 seconds.
With 99.99% uptime worldwide, SpectroWorks™ is a reliable tool for the analytical laboratory. SpectroWorks™ effortlessly analyses the data, so you can focus on the work.
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SpectroWorks™ comes free of charge with every NanoCuvette™ or SpectroLink™ purchase. It is the modern approach to spectrophotometry and it enables you to do different things:

Import results

  • Easily and instantly import results to our cloud software.

Perform spectrum analysis

  • Perform drag & drop calibrated spectrum analysis in seconds.

Save the results

  • Store and access your analysis safely in our cloud solution.

Export analysis

  • Easily export analysis at any time in all standard formats.
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

1. Start by creating a new project.

2. Create a measurement flow.

3. Use a reference for instrument calibration.

4. Measure sample by 2 mL or 0.5 μL method.

5. View the results and document your work.

6. Use API keys to share the results.

Want to test SpectroWorks™?

You can use the following data to familiarize yourself with SpectroWorks™ and try it with different spectrum files in .spc, .txt or .csv formats. 

Use the box code “TESTER” and cuvette no. “01”, “02” and “03”:

Cuvette IDInstrumentFile formatSampleDownload
TESTER-01Shimadzu UV-1800Shimadzu SPC (.spc)
TESTER-02OceanOptics USB650UVText file (.txt)Brilliant Blue
TESTER-03Shimadzu UV-1800Comma-sep. values (.csv)Starch in

Why use SpectroWorks™?

Together with NanoCuvette™ One, SpectroWorks™ upgrades any UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure absorbing/non-absorbing samples down to 0.5 μL. Proteins, enzymes, kinetics and QC etc. can now be quantified label-free in small volumes with existing UV-Vis instruments.
Furthermore, there are many reasons why spectrophotometer users around the world prefer our platform:

Automated spectrum analysis

  • Measurements is compared to our database with millions of calibration points.

Unlimited cloud data storage

  • Thousands of measurements is kept safe for future analysis.

Easy export of results and graphs

  • One-click export for presentations and further analysis.

High security with modern web standards

  • Compliance by the latest symmetric and asymmetric encryption technologies.

Updated continuously free of charge

  • SpectroWorks™ is updated quarterly with new options and analysis.

Accessible anywhere and ready to use

  • A safe option with optional two-factor user authorization.

No installation besides a web browser*

  • No more drivers on CD’s and USB-drives.

Made in Denmark

  • We take great pride in building products you can trust.

* currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Feedback and bug reports are welcome at

The most advanced UV-VIS spectrum analysis to date. Online now.