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The online platform SpectroWorks™ is the modern approach to spectrophotometry and label-free analysis. Read more about it here.

Our cuvettes enable you to use your spectrophotometer for completely new methods. With SpectroWorks™, you can seamlessly work with the results of your upgraded analysis and compute results not previously available by absorbance spectroscopy. Data analysis has never been easier.

After 3+ years of development, we are proud to launch SpectroWorks™ – the first online cloud service for UV-Vis spectrum analysis. SpectroWorks™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results.

SpectroWorks™ automatically analyses the spectrum, corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points, and gives back the result to the user – all in less than 5 seconds.
With 99.99% uptime worldwide, SpectroWorks™ is a reliable tool for the analytical laboratory. SpectroWorks™ effortlessly analyses the data, so you can focus on the work.
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SpectroWorks™ comes free of charge with every NanoCuvette™ or SpectroLink™ purchase. It is the modern approach to spectrophotometry and it enables you to do different things:

Import results

  • Easily and instantly import results to our cloud software.

Perform spectrum analysis

  • Perform drag & drop calibrated spectrum analysis in seconds.

Save the results

  • Store and access your analysis safely in our cloud solution.

Export analysis

  • Easily export analysis at any time in all standard formats.
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1. Start by creating a new project.

Labtech is one of the most critical stack of technologies right now with COVID-19, environmental challenges and a growing world population that wants to be healthy and safe. For this to happen, the laboratory instrumentation needs to be at the forefront of the technology development, including advanced cloud computations. With the new SpectroWorks™ 1.0, existing spectrophotometers already running analysis today is upgraded to compute results not previously available by absorbance spectroscopy. For the first time, you can tailor the workflow to your specific needs and existing hardware can now stay relevant longer by software upgrades over the air.

2. Create a measurement flow.

With SpectroWorks™ the cuvettes in UV-Vis instruments is tracked so you know how many times they have been reused and when it is time to switch to a fresh cuvette.

3. Use a reference for instrument calibration.

Reference spectra are recorded on your instrument and used for calibration with our optical model containing about 200 million calibration points. In the case of NanoCuvette™ One for label-free measurements, reference spectra on each individual cuvette from our in-house production is available within the software for traceability and increased confidence in your upgraded analysis.

4. Measure sample by 2 mL or 0.5 μL method.

5. View the results and document your work.

6. Use API keys to share the results.

Lab users should have control over their data and be able to analyze and share them easily. Therefore, everyone can create their own secure API keys to share datasets from UV-Vis instruments. Create your own API keys in seconds and use them to instantly share spectrophotometric datasets with yourself, your peers, ELN or LIMS systems. In addition, we believe that scripted data analysis will take over from spreadsheets for large datasets in the future. Therefore, as the first in the industry we now support running python scripts for UV-Vis data analysis in the cloud for free. Our first simple demo of this powerful tool is an interactive JupyterLab notebook which you can try yourself here. Great for teaching or routine work in the lab.

Want to test SpectroWorks™?

You can use the following data to familiarize yourself with SpectroWorks™ and try it with different spectrum files in .spc, .txt or .csv formats. 

Use the box code “TESTER” and cuvette no. “01”, “02” and “03”:

Cuvette IDInstrumentFile formatSampleDownload
TESTER-01Shimadzu UV-1800Shimadzu SPC (.spc)
TESTER-02OceanOptics USB650UVText file (.txt)Brilliant Blue
TESTER-03Shimadzu UV-1800Comma-sep. values (.csv)Starch in

Why use SpectroWorks™?

Together with NanoCuvette™ One, SpectroWorks™ upgrades any UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure absorbing/non-absorbing samples down to 0.5 μL. Proteins, enzymes, kinetics and QC etc. can now be quantified label-free in small volumes with existing UV-Vis instruments.
Furthermore, there are many reasons why spectrophotometer users around the world prefer our platform:

Automated spectrum analysis

  • Measurements is compared to our database with millions of calibration points.

Unlimited cloud data storage

  • Thousands of measurements is kept safe for future analysis.

Easy export of results and graphs

  • One-click export for presentations and further analysis.

High security with modern web standards

  • Compliance by the latest symmetric and asymmetric encryption technologies.

Updated continuously free of charge

  • SpectroWorks™ is updated quarterly with new options and analysis.

Accessible anywhere and ready to use

  • A safe option with optional two-factor user authorization.

No installation besides a web browser*

  • No more drivers on CD’s and USB-drives.

Made in Denmark

  • We take great pride in building products you can trust.

* currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Feedback and bug reports are welcome at

The most advanced UV-VIS spectrum analysis to date. Online now.